March Madness

Brady Hopkins, Reporter/ Photographer

  Throughout the month of March, millions of people tune in to watch one of the biggest sporting events in the world, March Madness.

  March Madness is the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. It is a single elimination tournament that features 68 Division I college teams. Teams are divided into four regions that are seeded 1-16. The tournament began on March 15 and the championship game will take place April 4.  

  Every year, students fill out brackets ahead of the tournament to try to make the perfect bracket, which has never been done. This year, students have high hopes that their bracket will be close to the real thing.

  “I have made a bunch of brackets this year, I’m really confident that a few of them will be pretty accurate,” junior Daniel Leale said. 

  The first two rounds had a few upsets that ruined many people’s brackets. Some of the biggest eliminations were No. 1 Baylor, No. 2 Auburn, No. 3 Wisconsin, No. 3 Tennessee, No. 5 Iowa, and No. 5 UConn. 

  The biggest upset of them all was No. 15 Saint Peter’s defeating No. 2 Kentucky 85-79. Saint Peter’s also defeated No. 7 Murray State in the second round, making them just the third 15-seed to make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

  “I did not expect Saint Peter’s to make it as far as they have, and even though they ruined my bracket, I hope they can manage to keep winning,” Leale said.

  The Sweet Sixteen started off with a bang in the first game when No. 1 Gonzaga lost to No. 4 Arkansas. Gonzaga was a team that many people thought had a very good chance to win the tournament. 

  “I thought Gonzaga had the best chance to win the tournament because they were just a very good team, and played at a high level all year prior to that game,” junior Davis Pruden said.

  Along with Saint Peter’s, another team that has had a magical run is No. 11-seed Michigan. After upsetting No. 6 Colorado State and No. 3 Tennessee, Michigan faced off against No. 2 Villanova in the Sweet Sixteen, resulting in a tough loss.

  “There has been a lot of upsets this year, which is a big part of what makes March Madness so great and fun to watch,” Pruden said.