Regroup-real world?


Keira Apple

Junior Carlie Apple is working on upcoming homework during regroup period. Along with, turning in due assignments.

Keira Apple, Reporter/Photographer

  The “real world” doesn’t allow regroup. It doesn’t allow real humans to be real people. With this in mind, students are given a schedule that can be difficult to maintain. From waking up at 6 AM and getting home until 8 PM, students are exhausted. 

  From personal experience, regroup saves me from the stress of missing assignments. Regroup period is a 30-minute time frame in the middle of the school day for students to complete make-up work or work with teachers for extra assistance. 

  Last school year with COVID, study hall wasn’t in place during the day like regroup. However, we only came to school for two days a week. Which meant students had plenty of time for “study hall” at home. 

  In the past, our school had PRIDE block or variations of regroup, but students without PRIDE block packed in the gym or auditorium. 

  Now with regroup, it is more organized and everyone is assigned to a class.

  Regroup allows students to finish homework they might still have. More so, students can wind down in general. 

  “I tend to be de-stressed during the thirty minutes that I am given and I am very thankful teachers aren’t allowed to assign work through that time,” junior Madison Corral said. 

  Not only are students stressed out during the day, teachers are too; because students are missing work. Regroup gives them the opportunity to work with students who need the extra boost because of missed days. 

  “We were experiencing many more students with absences than we have ever had,” Assistant Principal Dave Blanchard said.

   Due to COVID, many students and staff have been absent. Whether that is from close contact or actually having the virus, Blanchard explained that teachers didn’t have the time during the day to get with students who need that extra help. 

  Setting aside a certain amount of time to get work done has helped set my priorities, even when it’s only 30 minutes. Whether regroup is effective or not, it all depends on the student. A disciplined student would use the time during regroup to complete any work given. While an undisciplined student would spend their time sleeping. But this also depends on the structure of the period. With no talking and not being allowed to leave the classroom, I believe that regroup is an effective environment for students to complete their work. 

 At first, I saw regroup as a period to do homework or any missing assignments. As a student, I lack time management skills, but through regroup, I have found a way to use my time wisely. But thinking about the idea to have the extra chance to finish work isn’t always going to happen in life. High school is a time to set students up for their career choice and life in general. But this contrasts with the real world, it needs to be more like high school. 

  These days, COVID made people realize how much of a break was actually needed. Now they are demanding more breaks than ever. In the real world, people don’t get to be people and have the breaks that are needed. But regroup does.