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Kage Harlow, Reporter/Office Manager

  The college process has started with application deadlines, the FAFSA, and Virginia College Application Week in full effect. Applicants need to know the colleges that have free application fees, their application deadlines, and information regarding the free application for federal student aid. 

Every college has three to four application deadlines: early decision, early action, and regular decision some colleges also offer rolling admissions. Information to consider for each application deadline type is that the early decision is binding. 

Binding means if the applicant is accepted to that specific college, enrolling and attending that college is mandatory, and can not accept any other college offers. Early decision is discouraged because things such as early action and regular decision are advised for deadlines. 

Early action means students apply earlier, but the decision is not binding, and students tend to hear back quicker than a regular decision. Students are also considered for admission before other applicants who make regular decisions.

 Regular decision is when students apply at normal deadline times and hear back in the spring of the following year. 

Certain colleges offer rolling admissions which means when applicants submit their application, they review it and send a letter if accepted within two to three weeks after submission. Below are all the application deadlines for Virginia colleges: 


College  Early Decision Early Action Regular Decision  Rolling Admission
Christopher Newport University  Nov. 15th  Dec. 1st Feb. 1st  N/A
William and Mary Nov. 1st / Jan. 2nd N/A Jan. 2nd  N/A
George Mason University  N/A Nov. 1st  Feb. 1st  N/A
James Madison University  N/A Nov. 1st  Jan. 15th  N/A
Longwood University  Nov. 1st (Nursing only) Dec. 1st ( final nursing deadline) Mar. 1st  N/A
Norfolk State University Yes. (only offers rolling decision)
Old Dominion University  N/A Dec. 1st  Feb. 1st  Yes 
Radford University N/A Nov. 1st / Dec.1st Feb.1st  Yes
Mary Washington Nov. 1st  Nov. 15th Feb. 1st Yes
University of Virginia  Nov. 1st Nov. 1st Jan. 5th N/A
UVA Wise  N/A Dec. 1st/ Feb. 1st N/A Yes
Virginia Commonwealth University  N/A N/A Jan. 17th  Yes 
Virginia Military Institute Nov. 15th N/A Feb. 1st  Yes
Virginia State University   N/A N/A Mar. 1st (for financial aid deadline).    May. 1st (final deadline) Yes
Virginia Tech  Nov. 1st  Dec. 1  Jan.15 N/A


There are also private schools to consider when applying to college. Virginia offers over 20 Private colleges. Private colleges tend to be more expensive on their “sticker price” but, offer more grants and scholarships than public universities. This gives you the chance to bring down that expensive sticker price. 


Here is the list of all private colleges available in instate: 

College  Early Decision  Early Action  Regular Decision Rolling Admissions?
Averett University N/A Nov. 1st/ Feb. 1st  Aug. 1st  Yes 
Bluefield College  N/A N/A N/A Yes 
Bridgewater College  N/A Nov. 15th  N/A Yes 
Eastern Mennonite University  N/A N/A N/A Yes
Emory & Henry  N/A Nov. 15th Apr. 1st  Yes
Christendom College  N/A Dec. 1st  Mar. 1st  Yes
Ferrum College  N/A N/A N/A Yes
Hampden-Sydney College  Nov. 1st  Oct.15th/ Dec. 1st  Feb. 1st No 
Hampton University N/A Nov. 15th Mar. 1st  Yes
Hollins University  Nov. 1st  Nov. 15th  Feb. 1st  Yes
Radford University Carilion N/A Dec. 1st  Feb. 1st  Yes
Regent University  N/A N/A N/A Yes 
Liberty University  N/A N/A N/A Yes
University of Lynchburg Nov. 15th  N/A N/A Yes
Mary Baldwin University  N/A N/A N/A Yes
Marymount University  N/A N/A N/A Yes
Randolph College  N/A Nov. 15th  Mar. 1st  Yes
Randolph-Macon College Nov. 1st  Nov. 15th  Mar. 1st (Feb. 1st for nursing)  No
Roanoke College  Nov. 15th  Oct. 17th/ Nov. 15th  Mar. 15th  Yes


Shenandoah University  N/A N/A Jan. 15th  Yes
Sweet Briar College  Nov. 1st/Jan. 3rd Dec. 1st  N/A Yes
University of Richmond Nov. 1st Nov. 1st  Jan. 1st No
Virginia Union University  N/A N/A N/A Yes


Next piece of information that is needed for college is the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid). It is required by the state of Virginia that students file their FAFSA every year they are in college and before they even apply. The FAFSA does is provide families with financial support in college based on their financial status. FAFSA varies per school, but applicants should submit their FAFSA as soon as they can. FAFSA is on a first come first serve basis. If more information regarding the FAFSA is needed, visit the college advisor Ms.A. Juniors and seniors, sign up for the Google Classroom provided by Ms.A. She posts daily information regarding everything in college.

In Virginia, they offer a program called Virginia College Application Week (VCAW). This is a week in October when certain colleges offer codes for fee waivers to apply to their school. College application fees can rack up quickly, so take advantage of these codes provided by Ms. A for free college applications. The week in October is valid from the 24th through the 28th. 


Here is the list of colleges offering fee waivers for VCAW: 

  1.  Christopher Newport University
  2. East Tennessee State University
  3. Longwood University
  4. Norfolk State University
  5. University of Lynchburg
  6. University of Mary Washington 
  7. University of Virginia 
  8. Virginia Tech 
  9. West Virginia University
  10. George Mason University
  11. Virginia Military University
  12. Washington and Lee University
  13. ECPI 


If students are in need of any more information regarding college and the process of applying, contact Ms. A and set up an appointment.