Italy 2024

 The summer of 2024, science teacher Jennifer Toney will be taking a group of students to travel through Italy. The group will be leaving early June, 2024 and will be traveling through Italy for two weeks. During this time, they will be touring places, going on fun adventures, and gaining new experiences.

The group will travel through the cities of Rome, Venice, Milan, Cinque Terre, Florence, Lake Como, and Pisa. 

 The group will be spending their days touring art museums, eating lots of food, taking a boat cruise, and shopping. One city state they will be touring is the Vatican. It is surrounded by the city of Rome, and is home to beautiful art, architecture, and the Pope. While in Venice the tour guide will take the group to St. Marks Square, the Grand Canal, and they will take a water taxi to Burano Island. Burano is known for its colorful homes and beautiful lace work. 

“I have been to the city of Rome and I loved it,” Toney said. 

She wanted to find a place to travel that people would be interested in. Toney thinks this trip will be beneficial for students, especially the ones who have not traveled to many places before.     

“This trip to Italy will benefit students in so many ways like helping them grow in their personalities and world view,” Toney said. “This trip also can help students learn life skills that they have not need to use before and become more independent.“ 

Junior Clara Stevens was interested in this trip and is looking forward to going and touring Italy. Stephens thinks that this trip will be beneficial for her learning about different cultures around the world and learning about different types of food. 

“I am looking forward to going to Venice, Rome and the hot spot cities in Italy” Stevens said.