Day of silence for LGBTQ+ youth

Casey Little, Reporter/photographer

   Friday, April 14, 2023 is the Day of Silence for LGBTQ+ youth, and this year the demonstration showcases the power of their voices or more so the influence of their silence. 

    According to National Today, in 1996, Maria Pulzetti, a student of the University of Virginia felt the LGBTQ+ youth was being silenced and ignored by the adults who were supposed to help them, which inspired her to assemble the Day of Silence. The Day of Silence was started as a one-time occasion during UVA’s LGBTQ+ pride week. Pulzetti considered that this change of being silent for a whole day would help bring awareness to the ignored issues. 

   One year later, the Day of Silence went nationwide with over 100 organizations joining the call for action. In 2000, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), a large LGBTQ+ education network in the United States, took the day up as one of their official projects. 

   As of today, a multitude of people participate in the demonstration every year. A lot of those who sign up use tape to cover their mouths or draw X’s on their hands to help further the cause. Many organizations end the Day of Silence with a rally or meeting to break the day’s silence vow together. Today, over 10,000 schools are enrolled as members of the GLSEN’s Day of Silence. To register as a member of this year’s Day of Silence, visit the GLSEN page. 

   This year GLSEN’s  theme is Rising Up, which is more about how educators and adults in the community should spend the day speaking up in defense of LGBTQ+ students and their rights. Older participants are encouraged to commit to the day by going through the day bringing up and talking about LGBTQ+ youth problems for advocacy. 

     “GAYL celebrated the Day of Silence on April 22, 2022, with well over 100 participants,” Trovato said. 

   For last year’s Day of Silence, the high school’s GAYL club participated in the day by agreeing to not use vocal speech in solidarity with the multiple LGBTQ+ people around the world who are silenced.

   “GAYL celebrated the Day of Silence on April 22, 2022, with well over 100 participants,” Trovato said. 

    GAYL members and sponsor, Mr.Trovato, still participated in school activities. GAYL also held a Break The Silence party to talk about the day and what it represents. 

   “The participants went to the Library at the end of the day for a Break the Silence party where we discussed the events of the day, and decompressed about what the Day Of Silence means,” Trovato said. 

   This year to celebrate the Day of Silence, GAYL is holding a spirit week April 17-21, 2023. On Friday, April 21, GAYL will end the day by breaking the silence and hosting activities and opportunities for students and staff to talk and celebrate who they are. GAYL member, Briella Hill, is one of the students who presented the Day of Silence to the school to start the yearly celebration. 

   “I participate in the Day of Silence to show my support for the LGBTQ students at LCHS and to spread awareness about how many LGBTQ youth often feel silenced by their peers and the community,” Hill said.     

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