#Kindness campaign recognizes healthcare professionals


Photo by Carrie Hicks

Nursing teacher Gwen Valiani educates a new crop of healthcare professionals each year.

Anna Turner, Copy Editor

  Our Community Comes First campaign is heading into week two of spreading #Kindness. Here’s what’s happening. 

  With the current health crisis due to Covid-19, healthcare workers are front line heroes even more now than under normal circumstances. From Oct. 12 through Oct.16, healthcare workers will be recognized by each school throughout #TeamLCPS. 

  At LCHS, students and staff will be continuing the snack drive to deliver gift baskets of prepackaged snacks, cards, signs, etc. to two healthcare facilities in Louisa on Thursday, Oct. 15.

  These individuals show up to work and at times may risk their own health to care for others. From hospital workers to nursing home personnel and more, a simple ‘thank you’ can give them the encouragement they need to keep going.    

  Any students, staff or community members that want to make donations, please contact Carrie Hicks at [email protected]

  To nominate a healthcare professional or any other first responder that you would like to see receive recognition for their sacrifice, click here: https://forms.gle/v8NXYtj6Rfaw1Cwu9. Individuals nominated will receive a special thank you by mail.