Small business spotlight: Floozies


Ellen Rosson

Floozies Pie Shop located on Main Street in Louisa now has a new look.

   Some of the best restaurants are found right in the heart of small towns. That would be the perfect way to explain Floozies, a small pie shop located in the middle of downtown Louisa. While it may look like any ordinary restaurant when you walk by, there is a wide array of delicious flavors waiting for you inside that you won’t want to miss! 

   On their menu, you can find breakfast, lunch and of course mouth-watering pies and pastries. Personally, my favorite breakfast meal is the standard. It’s the perfect way to start your day on a great note with some eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes (or grits) and a buttery homemade biscuit (or choice of toast). 

   Although, there are plenty of other amazing items to choose from, like pancakes, biscuits and gravy, or even a breakfast sandwich. For those days you may want to sleep in past breakfast, make sure to stop by for lunch. They have many tasty choices ranging from a salad to sandwiches and burgers, to even a slice of quiche. All sandwiches are served with the best fresh chips or fries.

   If their scrumptious menu items don’t draw you in, their prices surely will, with breakfast starting at just $4.25 and staying under $10 and Floozies’ lunch starting at $4.50 and remaining under $20.      

  For any Floozies Fans who don’t know, Floozies has just been remodeled! They now have a garage-style door/window that provides a chic look and a versatile dining experience. In warmer weather, the window can be lifted up to give the restaurant a bigger and more outdoorsy feel. 

   To place the cherry on top, I found it fitting to end with dessert. Floozies has just around 30 different flavors of pie available to order and if you can’t decide on just one you can order a franken pie that is a mixture of eight slices of your favorite pies and flavors. You can special order their pies or cakes for any occasion or you can purchase the week’s available pies by the slice in-store. Now that you’re feeling hungry make sure to run over to Floozies and treat yourself to a superb breakfast, lunch or to check out the pie selection.