Louisa alumni makes huge impact


Gabe Turner

Pastor Gabe Tuner, class of 1997 and wife, Kari Turner deliver a powerful message onstage through The Point.

Ellen Rosson, Reporter/Photographer

  Many students struggle finding a way they can leave their mark on the world and deciding what to pursue after high school. One LCHS alumni found his calling and is making a huge impact on central Virginia and beyond.  Gabe Turner, class of 1997, wanted to be involved with his community and had a passion for worshiping and spreading the love of  Jesus.


Kari and I have a heart for the people of Louisa County. I was so blessed to be raised in Louisa, my family lives in Louisa, we taught at LCHS, Kari and I met in Louisa, and it’s such a special place for us.”

— Gabe Turner

  Today, Turner is making quite the impact. Turner founded The Point, a growing, thriving church that is making an impact on thousands of people every Sunday morning.

  The church now has services in-person in Charlottesville, Louisa and online. Their online platform draws in several thousand viewers each week.

  His dream didn’t materialize overnight. After attending college at James Madison University, Turner could have chosen to go anywhere, but it was his love of the Louisa community that brought him back to his hometown.

  He would make his first big impact on our community by coaching and teaching for five years.

  Turner felt he had his “dream job” but felt there was still a bigger purpose for his life involving ministry. After having an amazing year in 2006 and 2007, Turner and his wife Kari decided to make the jump into seminary.

  “It was one of the hardest decisions Kari and I have had to make, but at the end of that year, we just sensed it was the right time to take the step to seminary,” Turner said.

  At the start of their journey in seminary Turner said they never imagined they would be planting churches. After receiving numerous job offers around the country Turner would finally land in Charlottesville; where he and a team of volunteers would start The Point.

  The church was started in 2009. For ten years, they met in Monticello High School and various rental spaces.

  They now have a brand new building in Charlottesville, and recently opened a satellite location at the Louisa Arts Center for their temporary Louisa campus.

  Turner always wanted to bring a campus to Louisa because of the amazing impact Louisa made on him.

  It is truly inspiring to see someone so passionate about their community and what they do.