Opinion: Ahead of Tuesday’s election, a better world starts with respecting one another

Anna Turner, Copy Editor

  Politics are the ugliest they have ever been. According to the Gallup Historical Presidential Job Approval Statistics, the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, is one of the most disliked presidents the United States has ever had in office. Yet, he has had many successes in his presidency that many feel are underreported.  

  According to FactCheck.org, during President Trump’s first term, the economy was the best it had been in years and unemployment fell to the lowest it had been in half a century.  

  When the U.S. was swept with a global pandemic in March, everything seemed to go downhill in the world and for Trump’s presidency. 

  Trump had nothing to do with a virus that started abroad, yet he was somehow blamed for it. Across the country, Trump and Biden signs are being stolen from yards left and right and reportedly mail-in ballots for Trump in the 2020 election have been found discarded, leading to intense investigations.

  Hate is smeared across social media with many arguments taking place over politics. As Trump himself was diagnosed and recovering from COVID-19, celebrities and public figures wished death on the president. It is mind-boggling to even begin to think that people would go as far as to wish death upon another human being. We are all one nation under God, yet we are seeing such hatred towards one another over differences in political views. 

  The world will never be in perfect harmony, but a better tomorrow starts with respecting each other’s beliefs today.

  In the generally liberal-leaning media, a comprehensive picture of Trump is rarely portrayed. In fact, a 2017 study by Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy found that in Trump’s first 100 days in office, the tone of the news coverage of the president was a whopping 80 percent negative. How can voters make well-informed decisions on their ballots without the full truth? Trump has made mistakes as president, but has accomplished so much good that is rarely credited to him. Turn on the TV or open Twitter and the focus is on the negative. 

  The country is in such a divided, enraged state that the president can’t even be respected for the sacrifices, long nights, and countless decisions he has had to make. 

  We may not agree with each other politically, but every human being has different morals and beliefs than the person next to you. A more peaceful world can start when we start respecting one another and acknowledging that our friends and neighbors may have different opinions.
  Respect the president; whether Republican or Democrat, Biden or Trump. They have a huge weight on their shoulders. Let’s all come together and respect the one in charge of this great country, whoever that is.