Scholarship season is here


Photo by Elizabeth Rosson

Join the Google Classroom “Scholarships 2021” using the class code: ixrzhfp.

Isabella Rocha, Reporter/Photographer

Seniors, now that you have applied to colleges and for financial aid, scholarship season is here. Most scholarships are available from February through April. Consider applying for scholarships; they can really help when it’s time to pay for college!


Here is College Advisor, Raleigh Christian’s advice: 

  1. Scholarships are starting to trickle in, so check your emails for more information on our Scholarship website, College Corner.
  2. Scholarship season usually starts to pick up in mid-February/Early March. 
  3. Write a few essays about yourself, your goals, and your accomplishments. Most scholarships require a personal essay. You can also repurpose your college admissions essay if appropriate.
  4. File for Financial Aid and know your EFC- most, if not all, scholarships require that you have completed a FAFSA.
  5. Know where to find your school’s financial aid award letters. Most scholarships require this paperwork.  
  6. Apply for scholarships by yourself! They can always tell when your parents apply for you!! 
  7. There are scholarships for everyone- trade school, book scholarships, 2-year scholarships, nursing scholarships, 4-year scholarships, STEM scholarships… most use the same application!


The website, LCHS College Corner, has information about scholarships, financial aid, and more. Click on the link to get information on when and how to apply! 

Join the google classroom “Scholarships 2021” using the class code: ixrzhfp 

Contact Ms. R. Christian for tips and information to help you through this process.  

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