Main street strong

The heart of our community

Take a stroll down Main Street for locally-owned dining, ranging from barbeque to Jamaican cuisine. Stop in Main Street’s shops for gifts, antiques, even a new wardrobe.

Carey Seay, Op/Ed Editor; Chief Copy Editor

  Louisa’s Main Street has and will always be the heart of our community. Not only is it the key to our local economy, it is also the go-to spot for both community members and out-of-towners.

  Locals love visiting Main Street to pick out a new outfit at a great price from Hey Gorgeous Boutique, grab a sweet treat from Floozies Pie Shop or check out the unique collectibles at Just About Antiques. A few doors down is the skater’s heaven, StrangeHouse SkateShop, and just across the street are Four Seasons Hair Salon and Village Furniture. Locals and visitors can stop by Annie Mac’s Kitchen for a unique meal and then head over to Frostie’s Rail Stop for some cool sweets. Right across the street, the beautiful design and historical significance of the County Courthouse draws visitors from all over. Along with this, the Arts Center and Historical Society invite anyone to join them for an entertaining and educational experience. Visitors can make one final stop on the other end of Main Street at the Mineral Mercantile to pick up some local handmade goods before heading out of town.

  All of our businesses on Main Street stretching from Louisa to Mineral rely on the gracious support of our community and, even during a time as crazy as this, have remained strong as a result. 

  The impact COVID-19 has had on our entire community is undeniable, and its impact on our businesses has been even more exacerbated. However, despite the numerous roadblocks and unanticipated complications introduced by the pandemic, the businesses here on Main Street have proven that they are ready for whatever might come next. From Obrigado’s newly established outdoor seating to Nourish’s new online store, businesses have found unique ways to adapt and survive during this difficult time. 

  “The pandemic has taken a great impact,” Donna Patrick, owner of Smokin’ Eddies BBQ, said. “We had to find ways to entice our customers by adding different items to the menu, creating lunch and dinner specials daily, making deliveries [and conducting] curbside service all within the CDC guidelines.”

  Many of our businesses on Main Street have found that promoting specials and products through social media has proven beneficial in keeping business alive. Businesses like Corner Market & More, Nourish and Dapper Cat have also learned that introducing new items that local competition does not offer is one of the best ways to keep customers coming back, especially during the pandemic.

  “You have to have people coming by and saying, ‘I saw on Facebook that Corner Market has apple butter. Let’s stop by, and maybe we can get some different things,’” owner of Corner Market & More Jason Edwards said.

  While the negative effects of COVID-19 are evident, it has also created some positive byproducts as well.

  “As a whole, the community has been very supportive during this time, and we are very grateful for that,” Kristin Hicks, owner of Nourish and Dapper Cat, said. 

  For our Main Street businesses, whether it is due to the small town atmosphere of our community or the history behind Main Street, support keeps coming.

  “It’s the visibility of Main Street and its accessibility to people,” Hicks said. “When people come into those spaces, they remember what they used to be, and a lot of people like that small town feel.”

  Because nobody knows what tomorrow might bring, our businesses on Main Street are hesitant to make plans for the future.

  “I do not know what the future will bring, but what I am certain of is that for now, we are happy to be here, and we owe that to our great customer support,” Patrick said.

  Like always, our Main Street businesses continue to need our support in any and all ways we are able. Whether it be by getting the word out through social media or picking up dinner from one of our local Main Street restaurants, together, we can remain Main Street strong.