Tik Tok is changing the world


Emion Byers

TikTok is changing the world with millions of viewers from all over.

Arianna Taylor, Reporter/Photographer

TikTok is changing the world with millions of users from all over, one person at a time. Like any other social media platform, and with so many viewers, TikTok affects both positively and negatively.

It is incredibly easy to connect with others. TikTok provides exciting filters and enables in-text video, photo uploads from the camera roll and more to help videos become more interesting.

Unlike other social media apps, TikTok is more casual. Creators aren’t as interested in showing the perfect life; they are more interested in showing a relatable life.

Videos can easily go viral on this app, which is very helpful to small businesses and artists who want to get their songs or products out there. With enough followers, TikTok pays creators to post videos, making a great resource for anyone who wants to quit their day job or just make extra money. Doctors, lawyers, health and fitness professionals and teachers use their TikTok page to help others learn about their trade.

While TikTok is a fan favorite in the world of social media, there are some negative sides of this platform as well.

Many parents worry that songs and videos may incorporate inappropriate language and dangerous activities that are too mature for young creators. Cyberbullying is also very common on the app. Even though the app’s videos are very short, people still find things to make hurtful comments on. Along with this, predators can prey on younger creators through direct message. These predators can pose as different people and be very harmful.

Creators may also feel that in order to be accepted into society, their videos have to generate lots of likes. This can cause people to create content that they don’t like simply for the amusement of others.

Another negative byproduct of TikTok is addiction. People can scroll for hours without realizing it. One’s mental health can deteriorate due to the addiction.

TikTok, similar to other platforms, may also generate arguments between creators about politics, music, celebrities and more.

TikTok is a very enjoyable app to use, but it is important to take note of everything that comes along with it, and don’t get stuck scrolling aimlessly for hours.