Lady Lions volleyball wraps up season


Photo by Isabella Rocha

The Lady Lions come together to celebrate a kill.

Emion Byers, Reporter

  This 2021 season, the Lady Lions volleyball team set out to strengthen the team, and it looks like they accomplished that goal. 

  The team fought hard every set, making themselves a tough component to beat. The Lady Lions went 5-7 on the season in overall matchups, and the girls came away winning more individual sets than in previous seasons.

  “Our goal [was] to win more games than our past season,” head coach Rachel Green said. The team showed tremendous growth this season.

  Due to COVID-19 restrictions they were only allowed to play schools within the Jefferson District, but the Lions still executed what they worked on in practice, in order to reach their goal. 

  Only losing one senior last year helped to point the team in the right direction for this new season. 

  “We had more players on our team this year than we have had in the past. [We had] 12 this year whereas last year we had 9,” junior Emma Mcgehee said.  Mcgehee believes that this gave the team more of an opportunity to move around on the court and allowed for more flexibility. 

  “The atmosphere and attitude was more positive this year than it had been in the past, which carried us farther than strength and talent ever would have,” Mcgehee said.

  “Younger players have stepped up and had a much bigger impact on the team than in the past,” junior Kylie Robinson said.  This year’s volleyball team had three freshmen stepping up on the court including up-and-comer freshman Savannah Bragg. 

  “I think that it was really cool to have the opportunity to play on varsity,” Bragg said. 

  Congrats Lady Lions on a great season; Fans can’t wait to see these underclassmen step up next season and lead the team to even more wins.