Spotlight Athlete: Freshman Connor Downey

Freshman Connor Downey has hit the trails hard this season and has been making a name for himself.

Though races have been different this year due to safety precautions,”The season is going pretty good so far, everyone is getting better every day.  My expectations for this year are for us to win it all, and for everybody to finish the season better than when we started,” Downey said.

  “Connor always did a great job for me. In class he was a great kid that always had his work done, never handed anything in late, studied and asked good questions. He was great as a student and is also dedicated as an athlete, coming to practice, even on days when he doesn’t have to come. He does a good job with just about everything he does,” Janovick said. 

The cross country team will hit the ground running this Thursday, April 15 in the regional meet at Pole Green Park in Mechanicsville. If runners qualify, they will compete in the state meet Saturday, April 24 in Northern Virginia.

  “We take the top 7 runners to the regional meet and right now he’s right on the bubble. We had one kid get injured, and we’re not sure if he’s going to run or not so Connor might end up running or going as an alternate,” Janovick said. 

  “The boys have a chance of going to states as a team and a couple of the boys might also go as individuals. One of the girls might go to states as an individual, but it will be tough for the girls team to go because they’re only taking half as many people this year than as in the past,” cross country coach Pat Janovick said.