Shows of the Summer


Photo by Fandom and Reelgood

Julia Gibson, Reporter/Photographer

  Netflix released season three of All American on July 27. The show spotlights high schoolers Spencer James, Jordan Baker, and Olivia Baker as they deal with college applications, diversity, and relationships.

  “I watched All American because it deals with problems going on in the world. My favorite part of the new season would be that it brings up more problems that we deal with today,” senior Audrey Hudson said.

  Following All American, Netflix released the second season of Outer Banks on July 30 and fans binge-watched the show. In season one, five friends, the “Pogues,” live in the poorer section of a North Carolina town. The “Pogues” search for the Royal Merchant’s lost gold while avoiding conflict with the rich kids, “Kooks”. Their adventures take them to new places, adding to the show’s appeal. 

  “I’ve watched Outer Banks and I really liked the show. When the new season came out a lot of my friends were saying it was really good so I decided to start watching and I got hooked,” junior Wyatt Snyder said.

  Students who watched both shows varied in opinions about which one they enjoyed watching better than the other.

   “I liked All American better than Outer Banks because it has to do with football. My favorite part of All American was when Jordan got hurt and he wanted to play but they wouldn’t let him. That showed a lot of perseverance since he was eligible to play in the game,” sophomore Isaiah Haywood said.

  Students rated Outer Banks a 9/10 while All American was rated an 8/10.  Both shows left fans on a cliffhanger. Season 4 of All American is expected to be released on the CW on October 25 and season 3 of Outer Banks should be dropped next year.