Trailing to the top, LCHS is taking on a new club


Keira Apple, Reporter/Photographer

  Hiking Club is the first of its kind in which students will explore Virginia’s mountains. SPED teacher and advisor Patrick Miller is starting this club with high expectations. 

  “We have a national park less than 60 miles away that offers some of the best views in the state. If we happen to do something that is health positive en route to those epic views, it’s a win-win,” Miller said. 

  Miller aims to go on a hike every two months.

  “We are going to start something easier and then gradually progress in difficulty as the year goes on,” Miller said. 

   Hikes will mainly be in Shenandoah National Park, which has over 500 miles of paths. So, the Hiking Club has an abundance to choose from. 

  Near the end of the school year, the Hiking Club will go to Utah, Nevada and Arizona. They will be fundraising throughout the year to make the trip possible.

  “We are going to fly out to Vegas, bus to Zion National Park and do that for two days. Then, we will do the Grand Canyon for a couple days and then fly back home,” says Miller.

     Junior Ellen Rosson is club president and helps Miller plan the hikes. When Miller thought of the club, she was right there with him and wanted to help bring the club to life. 

  “I am intrigued to see the views of Virginia and out West but overall just have a great time. I love being a part of something new,” Rosson said. 

  Hikes will happen on Saturday mornings, and will take off from The Jungle. After the hike, the bus will stop for lunch or dinner. The Hiking Club will meet on green club days in the back gym. Depending on the amount of people interested, the location is subject to change.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Miller