New teachers take on the halls of LCHS


Photo by Kage Harlow

Mrs. Jones is pictured on the left and Miss Avagyan is pictured on the right.

Kage Harlow, Reporter/Photographer

  This year, among all the changes, 15 new teachers/staff members decided to become part of our “One Family.”

  One of the new staff members is Miss. Avagyan. Originally from Nelson County, VA, Avagyan graduated from the University of Virginia. This will be her first year as a college advisor. Her role here is to provide opportunities to students who either want to go to college or a different route after high school.

  “My role here, or my job, is to provide help in any way possible for mostly seniors with what they want to do after high school. Either that be trade school, the navy, or college you know things like that. I also provide them with people or resources for future opportunities that I may not be able to help them with, but direct them the right way.” said Avagyan. 

   She wanted to become a college advisor because of how her high school helped her.

   “I want to help students be able to reach their dreams and have a voice and have access to opportunities that make those dreams come true,” said Avagyan. 

  Another new staff member is the new social worker, Alethia Jones who is from Louisa County.

  “ I wanted to return to Louisa County so I can give back to the community that helped me with my education,” said Jones.

  Jones’s biggest goal for LCHS is to improve the students’ attendance and be able to build relationships between herself and the student body. Even though Mrs. Jones is new to high school, she has always been a part of the Louisa County family.

   “I was originally at the middle school, but after my colleague left I moved up to the high school so that I could interact with students more often,” said Jones. 

  These new teachers have already made an impact at LCHS regardless of their short time being here. Welcome to the family.