Field Hockey seniors fundraise for new team gear


Photo by Heather Lustig-Curran

Seniors, Ali Downey and Lydia Gillespie working at the Mineral Farmer’s Market to raise money for Field Hockey.

Katelynn Jones, Reporter/Photographer

On Saturday, Aug.21, seniors Ali Downey and Lydia Gillespie set up a booth from 7:00 A.M- 12:00 P.M. at the Mineral Farmer’s Market to raise money for the field hockey team. Downey and Gillespie made and sold healthy snacks to the public, hoping to purchase new team merchandise and to earn community service hours for their Governor School senior projects.

  Because of Covid-19, the field hockey team wasn’t able to fundraise last season by working the concession stand at football games. Both Downey and Gillespie wanted to purchase embroidered team bags for each teammate to show uniformity at games. They would also like to purchase sweatpants or shorts to switch up their gear from traditional shirts and sweatshirts.

  “I’m super proud of them for running a fundraiser completely on their own,” field hockey coach, Meredith Williamson said. 

  Downey contacted Chef Howell, the Culinary Arts teacher, to help them create two healthy recipes: including nut free granola bars and smoothie powder mix. 

  Downey and Gillespie not only sold out, but also received donations.

  “We made over $300, which greatly exceeded our goal,” Downey said.

  Both Downey and Gillespie  have high hopes that the team will continue to fundraise and incorporate new ways to benefit the program in future years.

  “I’m really thankful that so many people came out, we had a lot of sales and there were so many people who just donated out of the kindness of their hearts. It really shows how strong of a community we are,” Gillespie said.

Photo by Heather Lustig-Curran