New teachers take on the halls of LCHS


Photo by Lucy Campbell

Mrs. Cash is pictured on the top and Mr. Evans is pictured on the bottom.

Lucy Campbell, Reporter/Photographer

  Starting the new school year, Louisa County added new teachers Mr. Evans and Mrs. Cash. Evans and Cash are first-year teachers at Louisa, but not new to teaching. 

  Mrs. Cash is a CTE teacher for Independent Living and has been teaching for six years. Originally she started in business school, before switching into education. She wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives and felt like there would be more opportunities in teaching younger students.   

   “My goal for Louisa is to create positivity throughout the things that I teach,” Cash said. 

  Cash starts each class with motivational quotes, pictures, or moments to focus the mindset. 

  “It can impact the student’s learning, stress management and overall well being. I do this to show each student that within themselves they can use their energy to help to lift others,” Cash said.

  In addition to Mrs. Cash, Mr. Evans, a US veteran, has joined the English department. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Evans went to Kent State University where he studied integrated language arts which includes basic english literature, journalism and photography. After his Army days, he settled in Virginia and worked in Henrico County. 

 Evans can relate to his students because he grew up in a rural area. 

  “Louisa reminds me of my hometown. Like this area, our town was separated by railroad tracks, and to some extent, those tracks largely defined us,” said Evans. 

  Evans lived in an area where people depended on and trusted each other. He sees those qualities in Louisa as well. After living in different parts of Virginia for the past 20 years, he missed the small town. 

  LCHS is thrilled to welcome these new teachers to the family.