Man on the street: transition back to school


Senior Abby Vanpelt and Junior Takai Comfort

Savannah Bragg, Reporter/Photographer

Students showed mixed reviews on switching from virtual or blending learning to full capacity and five days a week this year.

Students haven’t been back full time since March of 2020. Some students feel that the transition has been good, while others are tired and overwhelmed. 

Students who think the change is positive say that it’s because they are able to ask questions and get help from their teachers 5 days a week. 

“Now you can get way more help, which helps especially in honors classes,” junior Takai Comfort said.

Other students struggle with waking up early, completing their homework daily, and participating in extracurriculars.

“It’s been pretty tiring. I was used to having 2 days in between school when I could do all of my work in a whole day instead of having 2 or 3 hours after school,” senior Abby Vanpelt said.

Although the transition has had different impacts, students are learning to adapt to the situation.