Lady Lions look to fundraise with start of new season


Photo courtesy of Louisa County Public Schools

Emion Byers, Arts & Entertainment Editor

  The state champs [Louisa Lady Lions Basketball team] are ready to make their return and are expecting to make a big comeback this season. Along with high expectations, comes a team budget. 

  “As budgets get tighter and tighter, taking care of some of the most basic needs for our group gets harder every year,” head coach Nicholas Schreck said. 

  In past years, the girl’s basketball team has sold saver cards in order to get the funds needed to play each season. People could purchase these cards for $25 and could then use them as coupons for multiple different restaurants in the area. 

  “This fundraiser is from the same company, First Team Sports Fundraising. We used to sell our saver cards through them,” Schreck said.

  This year, the fundraiser is more accessible due to it being online. 

  “The other great part about this fundraiser is that anybody who donates 25 dollars or more will get coupons to hotels or restaurants, so everybody gets something,” Schreck said.

  The money raised from this fundraiser is going to help buy new equipment, jerseys, and hopefully help the girls attend team camps in the future. 

 With the money raised from the fundraiser, the team hopes to buy new equipment for both games and practice. 

  People can access this fundraiser online at and are able to donate any amount.  

  “They can also help out by sharing it if they see it on social media as well to help us spread the word,” Schreck said. 

  So far, the team has raised over 1,000 dollars and there is still plenty of time to donate with the fundraiser running until mid-October.