LCHS’s Mental Health Game “Kicks It Up a Notch”

Kage Harlow, Reporter/Photographer

   The Leadership class has partnered with the Region 10 Crisis Counselor, Kendall Britt, to create Sources of Strength, a program to help students build a better mental health. Without a basis of “good mental health,” suicide is a bigger risk for people.

  Studies show high school students are more prone to depression and suicide than any other age group. That is why LCHS has come up with a way to help students who may be struggling and create a healthier atmosphere. 

  “Sources of Strength is an evidence based practice. It focuses mainly on promoting a healthier atmosphere in the school system, and among students and peers. That way, if you know a student who feels like they need support or is having a tough time, we have our peer leaders who are a part of the club who can reach out and support them,” said Britt. 

  Senior Olivia Backer has taken the opportunity to lead this program in association with Ms. Britt. Backer believes that LCHS needed a “boost” of a healthier atmosphere. 

  “Since I was already in the leadership class, I thought this might bring the opportunity for me to express my interest in mental health awareness, so I decided to become a member of the Sources of Strength program,” said Backer. 

  Along with the Leadership class and Crisis Counselor Ms Britt, students were nominated by peers or teachers to become advocates for Sources of Strength. 

  “Teachers were asked to nominate students who possess leadership abilities and overall a good attitude towards everyone and everything, not just the popular kids but all sorts of people from different social groups or cliques,” said Britt.

  Mental Health awareness has always been a serious topic, but with the help of the new Sources of Strength program brought by the Leadership class and Britt, it is now taken to another level that will bring an overall healthier atmosphere for students.