Culinary class bakes for school lunches


Emma Coats

Chef Howell and his students preparing food during Culinary Class.

Emma Coats, Reporter/Photographer

  On October 10th, the students in Chef Howell’s combined Culinary 1 and 2 class began baking the majority of the hamburger buns for our school. 

  Due to the shipping crisis affecting schools, homes, and businesses across the country, the cafeteria has come close to running out of bread. 

  “I’ve been in the industry for 26 years. I’ve never seen a shortage like this one before,” said the Director of Nutrition, Randy Herman. After considering Howell’s multiple offers to help, Director Herman contacted Howell with a request neither of them expected. 

  Last Friday, Howell explained to his students that they have been asked to make 300 rolls per day. Howell made it clear that this was their choice. This was a favor to their community and their school. 

  “My students were a bit standoffish, but after further discussion I started to see that change,” said Howell. 

  After a few minutes on a mask break outside of the classroom, Howell called a vote. Every student raised their hand in agreement to the task presented. 

  “I have never been so proud of my students, and that is really saying something,” said Howell. 

  “We are extremely grateful and proud of our Culinary students for their willingness to help us,” said Herman. 

  For the next few weeks, LCHS can expect their bread to be made in house.

  “Right now, we are working with an alternate vendor as a backup to our main distributor for bread,” said Herman.

  The culinary students devoting their class time to serve their community and school proves our students can rise to any challenge.