How MVP Awards came to be


Photo courtesy of Louisa County Public Schools

Keira Apple, Reporter/Photographer

 Doug Straley, the Superintendent, founded our MVP program to recognize those individuals who show the LCPS non-negotiables: consisting of accountability, consistency, positivity, and grit.

  MVP awards have four different categories for nominees:  student, classified employee, certified employee, and a community member. 

  “When I first became superintendent in 2016, I wanted to do some things that really pulled our team together as a whole so it really branded ourselves as Team LCPS,” said Straley.  

 The online nomination process takes a minute and can be accessed through the school’s website. After being submitted, all nominations are reviewed by a committee who chooses the winners. After the MVP is chosen, Straley delivers all of the awards. When someone is nominated, they receive a card that states why they were nominated. 

“What’s also awesome is just being recognized by your colleagues and being able to get that card in the mail that says hey you did something pretty special,” said Straley. 

  When things first kicked off in 2016, only teachers and students received an award. Over time, Straley thought it would be a great idea to include everyone in the community to recognize those unknown, but seen individuals, which is what the awards are all about. 

 Loretta Dean is a custodian at the high school and is a recipient of an MVP award. She received an award for being hard working and a heartwarming person. She was recognized for the unseen wonders she has accomplished.  

“When I received the award I was very excited and proud of myself,” said Dean.