News: College advisors visiting LCHS


Photo by Ms. Avagyan

Julia Gibson, Reporter/Photographer

  College advisors are coming to LCHS during the school day. Look out for an email from the college advisor, Lyudmila Avagyan where juniors and seniors can sign up. If unable to sign up in time, come to the library and Avagyan will mark attendance.

  So far Christopher Newport University, Old Dominion University, James Madison University, Bridgewater and Hampden-Sydney have visited. 

  The visits give an opportunity to receive an information packet to learn more about each school and what they have to offer. Also to figure out what type of college atmosphere would be best for each individual’s specific needs. The meetings can broaden students’ horizons for different universities in order to find the right one for them.

  When meeting with the advisors, ask them questions about the college, such as how the application process will work in order to figure out what to submit on an application and what they like to see from applicants. It is also a good way to get students’ names recognized.

  Contact Avagyan in the counseling office for any additional questions.