Jobs joining the Jungle

Ashlynn Harding, Chief Copy Editor

  Even though Covid has changed our lives, the community is trying to re-create a “new normal.” To do this, more stores and businesses are opening back to full capacity.

  Businesses are hiring more staff members to deal with the new rush of customers entering the newly developed sections in Zions.

  Another positive aspect of these upcoming changes have been new additions to the community. The new businesses are being built in Zion’s Crossroads at Crossing Pointe. 

  These new developments and hiring positions include: 

Lake Anna:

The Cove 

-Asian Cafe (waitstaff)


Obrigados (looking for servers age 18+)

Floozies (only opened on weekends) 

-Pizza Hut 


Pleasants Landing:

Boat Mechanic

-Grounds Keeper

-Marina Attendant

Zions Crossroads:  


-Dunkin Donuts (age 16+)



O’Reilly Auto Parts 


  The new stores are accepting applications  to prepare for their openings in the next few months. Some of these establishments supply in-person applications. A workers permit is required if applicants are under the age of 16.

  Interested people can look on their websites or contact a hiring manager to get more information.

  CTE Director Bo Bundrick is also available to assist with details possibly needed in incorporation with Workforce Wednesdays. For any additional details about locations, feel free to look at the interactive map on our website.