Who Am I? – Issue 1


Photo by Emion Byers

Emion Byers, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Mr. Bishop, LCHS Sped Teacher

I was born in…

Charlottesville, Va

I went to school at…

Louisa County Public Schools

George Mason University

University of Virginia 

What are some of your favorite movies/books/TV shows?

Favorite Show: Naruto 

Favorite Movies: The Rocky Balboa Franchise 

Favorite Book: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

by Yuval Harari

During the pandemic I have…

I worked at a hospital for the entire length of the pandemic.  I started working  at Martha Jefferson Hospital in 2018 and have been there ever since. I mainly come in during weekends and holidays. My job is to walk patients and help assist with physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions. My initial reasoning for working at the hospital was  to get observational experience for physical therapy school. I changed my career route and decided to become a teacher/coach. However, I stayed at the hospital to help out since there is a labor shortage and a lot of workers left the hospital because of the high work demands of the pandemic. I also enjoy talking to the patients.

What do you enjoy doing outside of school?

Playing basketball, watching anime and movies, reading nonfiction books, and playing chess. 

What subject(s) do you teach?


Some fun facts about me are…

I ran Division I track at George Mason University and finished my senior year of college top 75 in the nation in the triple jump.

My favorite sports team is the New York Knicks.

I have been teaching at Louisa since…


Why did you decide to start teaching?

I want to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. I was planning to work in the medical field, but had a last minute change of heart. In medicine, you work with sick people (physical, mental, and emotional) and try to make them better.  I want to help prevent people from ever becoming seriously ill. Some things are uncontrollable, but a lot has to do with lifestyle choice and mental health. My mission as a teacher is to help make others feel accepted and teach others to live more abundantly.