Students by Day. Musicians by Night.

Arianna Taylor, Feature Editor and Multimedia Manager

  Music allows people to connect with others in ways different forms of entertainment, such as movies and books, can’t. Musicians put their heart and soul into their music and listeners resonate with their vulnerability. 

  Whether the musicians or listeners are students or adults, music holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

  Some students try various hobbies in an attempt to relax after difficult classes. For many students creating or listening to music is a way to flee the real world. Some students have started producing music for entertainment purposes, connecting with others, and relieving stress.                 

  “Recording songs is like an escape for me. When you take difficult classes like precalculus, you get a little stressed and it’s nice to be able to sit down and take it easy for a little while. ” said junior Will Goodwin.

  Goodwin has been playing lofi, jazz, blues, rock, pop, and indie.

 Whether it’s R&B, country, or heavy metal, music can unite people who seem to have no similarities. 

  “When I’m on stage, I feel a special connection with the audience that is indescribable and I’ve never felt it anywhere else,” said senior John Francis. 

  Francis is in a band named “Vilified” and they perform metal-core music. The band is taking steps to turn music into a lifestyle. Francis’s band performs shows, creates music videos, and earns money from their music. 

  “I like working together because we are able to incorporate everyone’s ideas in order to produce the best music,” said Francis. 

  Senior Willie Page also wants to pursue music as a career. Page started rapping in Jan. 2021. 

  “After high school, I want to go to a university and learn how to produce music with audio engineering,” said Page.

  While producing music can be beneficial, it can be difficult. Student musicians have to balance creating music and school work. 

  “I do what I need to do for school, keep my grades up, then at home I research different recording softwares and record,” said Page. 

  Being a musician is hard by itself, but being a student adds extra challenges. However, this shouldn’t discourage students, music can be a lifeline to happiness.