Powder Puff returns to The Jungle


Ellen Rosson

The Senior team practicing during clubs to prepare for the game.

Katelynn Jones, Reporter/Photographer

   This Wednesday, Nov.17, the yearbook staff is hosting a Powder Puff game in The Jungle to raise money for their program. This will be the first powder puff game since 2012. 

    In previous years, there weren’t enough players, so the yearbook staff had to find a different way to fundraise. The Mr. Louisa Pageant was a fun alternative for a few years, until Covid-19 hit, which restricted the ability to have an indoor event. Now, to keep everyone safe and healthy, the yearbook staff has decided to bring back Powder Puff.

   Each grade level has a team of fifteen people. They are led by two coaches from the JV and Varsity football teams. The teams have had three practices during club days. During that time, the coaches have come to know their players and assigned them to positions that fit them best. 

     “As a coach, it’s a different perspective. I have to be able to teach instead of learn, which is new for me,” said the senior’s coach, Stephen Dean.

   All three games will last a total of two hours, each for 25 minutes. The games will be divided into two ten-minute halves, with a halftime of five minutes. 

    In tournament style, the freshmen will play the juniors first, and the sophomores and seniors will play the following game. The winners will then compete for the championship.

   A cheerleading team was also created, consisting of varsity football players. Coached by cheerleading captain, Izzy Ward, the cheerleaders have learned an assortment of cheers, as well as basic stunts and jumps.

   “Cheering is a lot more technical than I expected; you have to be able to remember a bunch of stuff, like cheers and how to do all of the jumps and stunts safely,” said junior Austin Talley.

    Our varsity football players are working hard to be the best team of cheerleaders for the upcoming game. Every person that has participated in planning the game has put in a great deal of effort to make it a successful event. Come out to the game at six o’clock on Wednesday to support yearbook and the players; tickets are five dollars a piece.