Spirit Video returns after 6 years


Ellen Rosson, Copy & News Editor

  The long awaited spirit video is returning for the first time since 2015 this Tuesday, November 23.

  The video is being put together and filmed by the leadership class.

  Originally, the video was set to be recreated every four years, to include all four years of students. The plans to create the video in spring 2020 were interrupted when Covid hit. Leadership has worked hard to create the video again by shooting the video outside and following the Covid restrictions that are still in place.

 “I am really excited and I hope it is able to bring as much school spirit and energy as the last one,” said leadership student Lauren Dessent.

  The video will include all students, faculty and staff. The order of appearance in the video is Clubs and CTEs, sports, admin, seniors, and the remainder of students gathered at the stadium.

  In order to represent a club or CTE, students had to respond to a form sent to their email. 

“We hope to see everyone involved and showing off their LC Pride,” said leadership student Emion Byers. 

  The video will start inside the vestibule, exit through the back entrance of the main office, then around the CTE buildings, through the bus loop, through the senior lot, and into the stadium. After arriving at the stadium, everyone will gather for the final clip. 

  Students are able to bring props for the video, such as noisemakers, but students will be responsible for cleaning up after. Seniors can also show off their school spirit by decorating their cars.

  Tuesday will be all about showing off school spirit, so make sure to wear LC gear and get excited.