Food Review: Crumbl Cookies

Keira Apple, Reporter/Photographer

  Crumbl Cookies have been a sensation all over the Tiktok platform because the reviews went viral.  My commute to Crumbl Cookie is 48 minutes and I reviewed the flavors when I arrived home. The flavors of November 15-20 consisted of Carrot Cake, S’mores, Dark Dream, and Apple Pie. Crumbl also offers Classic Sugar and Milk Chocolate Chip, year-round.   

  A chocolate lover’s best wish, the Dark Dream cookie. Served warm, this is a chocolate based cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips. It is a very rich cookie which is why this one wasn’t my favorite. I would grab a glass of milk because when eating this cookie you’re going to need it.  

  The Apple Pie was a very interesting cookie. By just looking at it, you can definitely tell it is an Apple Pie cookie, especially because of the pie filling. I enjoyed the base of the cookie; it is a brown sugar oat, making it a nice texture. The apple filling was gooey with delicious, soft apples. 

  The Carrot Cake is served warm with cream cheese icing and pecans on top. As soon as I bit into it, there was an immediate sensation of cinnamon spices. The spices were not overbearing because the carrot flavor provided balance. The cream cheese icing was delicious due to the even balance of tart and sweetness, complementing the cookies very well. The touch of pecans was also a good move for Crumbl, the crunch made it complete. 

  Crumbl took S’mores, a dessert often served around a campfire, and turned it into a delicious cookie. A graham cracker texture, chocolate chips, and a center of the roasted marshmallow made this my personal favorite. The gooey marshmallow center goes very well with the textured cookie. The combination of the flavors this cookie gives is exactly how a S’more should taste. I would take this cookie over a S’more any day. 

    I have had Crumbl before, and these flavors were a little out of my comfort zone. I am surprised that I enjoyed this week’s flavors, which is why I recommend going to Crumbl Cookie.