Black Friday stores and deals

Ashlynn Harding, Chief Copy Editor

  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, along with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Larger businesses and local stores are participating in Black Friday or organizing  deals of their own for the holidays. The time of operation for these businesses still has not been determined, but their websites are available for the updates on  times and sales. 

Some stores participating in Black Friday are: 

Best Buy -They are having special sales on certain items each week.

Target -They are  having “Deals of the Day” for certain teams or sections.

Walmart– They are having a “Black Monday” that continues throughout the week and goes into Black Friday deals.

Dicks Sporting Goods– They are doing early specials throughout the week. 

Macy’s- This Short Pump shop is having deals that go all the way through Friday. 


Some stores participating in Cyber Monday are:

Verizon – They are  offering deals throughout Black Friday on phones and electronics 

Amazon -They are having early Black Friday deals, but they are continuing some sales throughout the week.

Some local stores participating in Small Business Saturday are: 

Mineral Mercantile

Hey Gorgeous 

The Corner Market 

So get your lists ready and go out either this week or on Friday to go get all your Christmas needs and wants for this year.