Terminology: Golf

Arianna Taylor, Feature Editor & Multimedia Editor

Golf allows the freedom to play as a team or to compete individually. Unlike other sports, golfers strive to get the lowest score, or strokes, possible. 


Key terms to know:

Fore- The term used when a golfer makes a bad stroke and the ball is headed in the direction of another player. If heard on the golf course, move out of the way. 

Tee-Off- Teeing-off starts the play by driving the golf ball off the tee.

Loft- The loft is the angle of the clubface.

Sand bunkers- The sand bunkers are obstacles located near the green. These are craters filled with sand. 


Scoring: A stroke is when a golfer hits the golf ball. A par is a predetermined number of strokes a golfer should aim to get on each hole in a course. The par for each hole can be higher, lower, or the same as the last, depending on the difficulty of the hole. When a golfer makes the ball in the hole in one less stroke than the par, it is called a birdie. An eagle is when the golfer makes it in two fewer strokes than the par. If the golfer makes it in one more stroke than the par, it is considered a bogey. Two more strokes than the par is a double bogey. This pattern continues as the golfer accumulates more strokes. 


Course: Most golf courses are 18 holes and cover 125-150 acres of land. The fairway is a stretch of shorter cut grass that leads to the hole. The rough is taller grass around the fairway. The greens are where the actual hole is. Hazards are put on the course to provide difficult obstacles. Sand bunkers and bodies of water on the course are hazards and force golfers to make extra strokes. 


Clubs used in Golf:

Driver: Drivers are produced to hit the farthest. These are usually used on par four and five tee shots. 

Iron: An iron is used when less than 200 yards from the greens. The loft of the club increases with each iron. The closer to the greens, the higher the number of iron should be used. 

Wedge: A wedge is a specialty iron used closest to the green and to get balls out of the rough and sand. 

Putter: Putters are used when the ball is on the green, and the golfer has a short distance to hit the ball in the hole.