Terminology: Field Hockey

Arianna Taylor, Feature Editor/Multi-media Editor

11 players from each team are on the field at one time. There are four fifteen minute quarters, with a two minute break between each quarter. Between the second and third quarter, there is a five to ten minute break called halftime.


Key terms to know:

Backswing- This is when the stick is raised to hit the ball, but a player cannot lift their stick above their waist.

Dribble- This is the act of a player moving the ball up the field using their stick.

Dodge- This is a move used by offensive players to get around defenders. 

Stick- This is shorter and shaped differently than a traditional ice hockey stick. Each player on the field has one to hit and move the ball.



Field hockey players use their sticks to pass the ball to other team members. Field hockey players can do various dodges and evasive movements to get the ball closer to the other team’s goal to score.



The defense’s main job is to stop the ball from getting into their goal cage. The goalie is the only one allowed to touch the ball with their body. The other defensive players stop the ball with their field hockey sticks.



Goalie- A goalie’s primary responsibility is to stop the offense from scoring using any part of their body to defend the goal. This player can leave the circle around the goal, but must use their stick, rather than their body, once they are outside of the circle.

Forward- A forward tries to move the ball up the field and attempt to score.

Midfield- The midfield plays offense and defense, both passing to their teammates to score, and stopping offensive players from the other team from getting to the goal.