Terminology: Volleyball

Arianna Taylor, Feature Editor/ Multimedia Editor

Six players from each team are on the volleyball court at one time. A 7 foot 4-inch net separates the teams. Unlike other sports, volleyball players don’t have designated offense and defense players. Team members will be substituted, but are required to play both offensive and defensive. One team is allowed to hit the ball up to three times in an effort to get it over the net. If they fail, the opponent receives a point. 


Key terms:

Serving- When one player is outside of the court and hits the ball to the other team. The server has to hit the ball overhand and can’t step on or over the in-bound line. Each serve starts a play

Hit- When any player hits the ball over the net

Approach- When a player strides towards the net before they jump in the air for a hit

Attack- When a player tries to strategically hit the ball into the opponent’s side of the net

Dig- When a player slows down a rapidly hit ball from the other team

Kill- When a hit that is not returned and results in an immediate point

Jump serve- When a serve is lightly tossed into the air and hit during a jump

Ace- When a serve is not returned and only touched by one player, this results in an immediate point



The first person to touch the ball is considered the “first ball. Usually, this is a player in the back row. The second person to touch the ball is the setter; this is called the second ball. After a set, players attempt to get a kill. 



When the front row player reflects a ball back to the team that hit it over the net, it is called a block. While on defense, it is every player’s job to pass to their setter, to then set up offense. 



Libero- A libero passes the ball to the setter or in the middle if they can’t get the ball to the setter.

Setter- A setter sets the ball up for a teammate to hit over the net.

Back row- The back row pass off of  the other team’s serves, and try to get the ball to the setter or the middle of the court.

Front row- The front row will attack the setter’s ball, do an approach, and then hit, if a kill is made, usually the front row hits them.