Movie Review: Don’t Look Up


Photo by Anna Turner

Don’t Look Up is a movie released by Netflix in 2021 that features celebrities Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Timothée Chalamet as scientists who discovered a comet that is headed towards Earth.

Julia Gibson, Reporter/Photographer

  One of Netflix’s 2021 releases was comedy and thriller, Don’t Look Up. It focuses on a group of scientists who discovered a comet that’s on track to hit Earth. Unless they stop the comet, everyone will die in six months. 

  The movie features celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Timothée Chalamet. Dicaprio and Lawrence play the two main scientists in the movie, Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dibisaky who do press interviews. Mindy and Dibiasky, who discovered the comet, have to travel around the United States and make media appearances. They do this to warn the public about its dangers.

  The plan to destroy the comet involves a political conflict between the scientists and the government. Both have different views on how to save the planet. They end up in a heated debate which puts the country in a divide. The president and the company owner would earn more money because the company got more material than needed for the technology. They want to get rid of the comet by using a machine to break it apart. The scientists don’t agree because their work has not been peer reviewed enough for them to trust the machine’s reliability. 

  The plot of the movie was interesting. It was funny to watch since each scientist has a different response to the way the government responds to this emergency.  They made sarcastic one-liners to mock the government’s plan and how ridiculous it was. Each actor had a completely different personality, and it added more excitement to see them interact.         Lawrence’s character was laid back but focused on helping but Dicaprio was anxious, so it was funny how their characters collided. As Lawrence and Dicaprio contribute to the mission, it makes everyone know and love their characters even more with their unique personalities. 

  The acting and cinematography blended together to make a smooth and clean picture that flowed well. CGI images of the comet were so descriptive it made the comet look real and helped convince viewers it existed. Don’t Look Up contains information that it makes the movie more enjoyable because people watching can appreciate the time spent on the little details. This action packed movie keeps viewers intrigued with the scientific and political views. It holds the viewer’s interest by combining science and politics to show something that could happen in real life.