Food Review: Torchy’s Tacos


Jacob Bundrick

Baja Shrimp Taco (left) and The Democrat (right)

Jacob Bundrick, Sports Editor

  Over the extended weekend, I took a trip to Charlottesville to eat at Torchy’s Tacos, a new Mexican restaurant that opened last month. Being a new place to eat at the Shops at Stonefield, Torchy’s Tacos was very busy. But the large crowd did not slow the staff down. 


  To order, guests go to the front register. Meals are ordered per taco, and each taco costs around five dollars. There are 12 tacos on the menu, covering a variety of styles and ingredients. After ordering, guests choose a table, and the food is brought out when ready. I ordered chips with queso as well as three tacos.


  My food took about twenty minutes to arrive, but the chips and queso, which I got almost right after being seated, were great to eat while waiting. The queso was phenomenal. It had hot sauce, cilantro, and guacamole mixed in with it. I had never seen guacamole in a queso dip before, but the new combination definitely works. The chips that accompanied the dip were fresh, making the appetizer even better. 


  My main course consisted of three tacos: the Baja Shrimp, the Chicken Fajita, and the Democrat. The Baja Shrimp, the strongest of the three, housed multiple bold and savory flavors. The taco included fried shrimp, cabbage slaw, pickled onions and jalapenos, cotija cheese, cilantro, and lime juice. This was without a doubt the best thing I ate that day. Every topping of the taco blended perfectly, making it a very tasty taco.


  The Chicken Fajita taco was also flavorful. It included grilled chicken, grilled onions and peppers, pico de gallo, and cheddar jack cheese, on the customer’s choice of tortilla. The marinade and seasoning on the chicken gave it a delicious flavor with a bit of spice. The onions and peppers had a great grilled taste, and the melted cheese topped it all off.


  Following these two delicious tacos was the Democrat, the weakest of the three. The Democrat was not bad by any means, but the flavor was bland. It included beef barbacoa, avocado, cilantro, onions, and lime juice. The toppings were not proportionate to the barbacoa, allowing the beef to dominate every bite. The barbacoa did not have much seasoning, so it missed the bold flavors the last two had. The avocado and onion went well on the taco, but I was still not ecstatic. 


  Overall, I was happy with the meal and the restaurant. Every employee I interacted with was kind and helpful. Besides the one taco, everything I had was far above average and tasty. The fresh corn tortillas tended to fall apart, making for a messy meal. 


  The environment in Torchy’s Tacos was great. It was a social place, and the decor was impressive. Bold tones of red filled the building, and interesting lights hung from the ceiling. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone taking a trip to the Shops at Stonefield. My experience at Torchy’s Tacos left me full and happy, and the meal was not too expensive. The biggest appeal of Torchy’s Tacos is the customizable menu. Guests can try a different combination of tacos each time they visit.