Terminology: Wrestling

Arianna Taylor, Feature Editor and Multimedia Manager

Each wrestling match lasts for six minutes in total, divided into three periods, each being two minutes long. The wrestlers receive a 15 second break in between each period. The players choose their next position during that break. Multiple schools or teams can compete at one match. 


To start a match, the players stand in the middle of the mat and shake hands. They will then proceed to go into a neutral position. Neutral position doesn’t allow any player to have control. After each period, the referee flips a coin and the players call a side.  The player that guessed correctly gets to choose what position they want to start the new period in. The options they can choose from are top, bottom, or neutral. Picking the top position means the other opponent is underneath them. Choosing the bottom position means the opponent is on top of them. Neutral means both players are standing facing each other. 



Players can earn points through offensive and defensive maneuvers. The three ways to score are, escaping, takedowns, and nearfalls. Escapes occur when a player gets out of the opponent’s control and goes back to the neutral position, they are granted one point. A takedown occurs when a player takes control of their opponent from the top position, and they are granted two points. If you are on top and can hold the opponent with their back facing the mat for two seconds, you will score two points. If you do this for five seconds, you score three points.​​​​These are called nearfalls. Team points work differently than individual points. A pin occurs when both of the opponent’s shoulder blades touch the ground. This is worth six team points and automatically wins . If an individual beats his opponent by less than eight points, the team is granted three team points. This is called a decision. More than eight points, they are granted four team points. This is called a major. A tech fall occurs when a wrestler wins by 15 points, the team is granted five points.