Moving coffees and hearts


Keira Apple

A Lion’s Brew member preparing orders.

Keira Apple, Reporter/Photographer

  In the classroom preparing coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, knocking door to door for deliveries, the Lion’s Brew is always set up for success. The special education students serve as work co-op interns. The Lion’s Brew is set in place for students to succeed beyond their education at the high school level. 

  “We have seen a lot of positive development in terms of work-based skills and also motor development,” SPED teacher John Schick said.

  Three years ago, Lion’s Brew started out as a simple idea. Once people started to converse about it, admin and facility reached out for advice from a program similar to one they wanted to become. They connected with Raise, a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for youth and young adults for vocational training, employment, and community engagement. Raise supported The Lions Brew and guided them through their journey.  

  “Our regular customers really enjoy the kids coming by their classroom,” Schick said. 

  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the Lion’s Brew delivers beverages. Faculty fill out a Google Form with their specific order. The next morning, the students get right to work assembling the pre-and-walk in orders. Three stations are set up in the classroom for the preparations: hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. After each beverage is made, they are set into a cart and prepared to be taken to the staff. 

  “I feel the coffee is perfect because it comes just in time when I need a caffeine jolt,” Office worker Jennifer Kinkopf said. 

  The Lion’s Brew makes the coffees during the first half of the first period and delivers them during the second half. Once they complete delivering to the first floor, they work on the second and third floor’s orders. It truly depends on the number of orders they receive from the night before to determine the system in which they will use to deliver. 

  They haven’t always stuck to beverages.

  “Last semester, Chef and I got together and offered some pastries, muffins, cinnamon rolls, things like that; made by the culinary students,” Schick said.

  The first half of last semester, the culinary class worked alongside the Lion’s Brew. Schick said toward the end of the semester Chef’s students were too busy and couldn’t make the baked goods. However, just last Friday, the culinary students made cookies for the Lion’s Brew. They picked up the baked goods on Thursday and delivered them on Friday alongside the beverages. Schick’s class always has ideas brewing. Eventually go out into the community and serve. Additionally, Schick plans to bring students outside of his classroom into Lion’s Brew to help with the future of community events.  The thought of a food truck is also in their pots. 

  “We have lots of hopes and dreams,” Schick said.