Food Review: The Newest Scoop


Photo by Savannah Bragg

The Dairy Bar recently opened up directly off East Main Street and offers many options including icecream, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Savannah Bragg, Reporter/ Photographer

  A new ice cream shop has entered the town of Louisa. On February 12th, The Dairy Bar opened and is located off East Main Street. This past week, I took a trip there and the restaurant was buzzing with happy customers.

  The Dairy Bar has a small indoor seating area, as well as an outdoor seating area. The inside was fun, bright and full of many different colors. Outside, there was a picnic setup with edison lights hanging from above. There is also a playground area in the back for kids to have a good time. 

  All of the ice cream is soft serve but there are plenty of options on the menu including sundaes, floats, dole whip, shakes, cups and cones. Not only do they have ice cream, they also offer sandwiches, soups and salads. Some of their sandwich options include Reuben, Chicken, Club and Italian. To order, customers go to the register inside on the left. 

  I ordered grilled cheese with a side of chips. The grilled cheese had melted cheddar, muenster and pepper jack cheese on sourdough bread. The grilled cheese was $4.50 and took about five minutes to be prepared. Loaded with delicious melted cheese, this item is definitely something that cheese lovers would enjoy.

  I also ordered the Holstein which consisted of vanilla ice cream, brownie bites, hot fudge, and whipped cream with a cherry. I think it had great taste and the toppings made it even better. It was chocolatey, smooth and the brownie bites gave it the perfect amount of texture. This sundae was probably the best ice cream I’ve had in a while. The price was $4.85 and had a preparation time of only two minutes.

  Overall, I enjoyed my meal and experience at The Dairy Bar. The staff members I encountered were welcoming, the decor was fun and there were plenty of options on the menu that people of all ages would enjoy.  Everything I got was delicious and I would definitely go back. 

  I would encourage everyone to give it a try the next time a sweet tooth comes along.