Breaking News: Fletcher’s final destination

Julia Gibson, Reporter/ Photographer

  English teacher Kate Fletcher will be running to the Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. This will be her longest run yet, totaling to 105 miles.

  “We decided it would be the Reflecting Pool, because this run has always been about reaching our potential,” Fletcher said. “We’ve always wanted this run to show students that we always have more potential than we think we do, and we can go further than we think we can in all aspects of life.”

  Most people would think prepping for this big of a run would require a serious diet but Fletcher says she eats whatever she wants.

  “I think when a lot of people think of running, they picture a 5k or running in gym class and obviously you would never stop and eat a burrito during a 5k,” Fletcher said. “When you run 105 miles, you absolutely should stop and eat several burritos.” 

  Fletcher will run on the road until she gets to Fairfax Circle, and then will run the rest of the way on a bike trail all the way to D.C. This is where other runners will have the opportunity to finish the run with her. 

  “When I get to the bike trail, if there are people who want to join me either from the Richmond area where I know a lot of runners or, for instance students from my old high school, since I would already be on the bike trail at that point and they can join me,” Fletcher said.

  With Fletcher going on the main road sometimes in the past, other runners have asked to join her, but she declined the offer due to safety issues. The bike trail allows her to have the opportunity to run with other people. She is excited to meet new friends and see familiar faces.

  “There’ll be that 14 mile stretch where it would be fun to have company and people could pop in and join me which will be motivating for me to keep going to the end,” Fletcher said.