Main Street with a new sparkle; KT Jean Boutique & Gifts


Photo by owner Katie Trombly

Keira Apple, Reporter/ Photographer

 Located on 123 West Main Street in Louisa, KT Jean Boutique opened on February 5. This boutique offers modern farmhouse details with clothing, accessories, skincare, aromatherapy, and gifts. 

  “I had a low self-esteem and no sense of purpose, but I needed something/someone to fill this void, and that is exactly what this community has done for me,” owner Katie Trombly said.  

  Due to the loss of her mother, Trombly looked to her business and community to help. Through this business, she gets to express her desire to uplift women.

  “Things have been rough with COVID, especially with staffing things but the community has been great,” Trombly said. 

  She describes her business as a place for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and budgets. Trombly started out selling LulaRoo clothing, then took her business to the next level. LulaRoo is sold in the boutique along with Simply Southern, an American clothing brand that aims for a happy, preppy, and classy existence. While these are the main brands sold, a variety of different brands are also available: Yankee Candle, The Body Shop, Wood Wick, Forside, C.C. Candle, and Essentially Nola. 

  Trombly also offers custom printing. Which provides personalization is a special touch added to a product. Starting with purchasing a base item with the desired custom print. KT Jean Boutique & Gifts consist of over 40 base products: doormats, drinkware, hats, jigsaw puzzles, and more. 

  KT Jean Boutique plans to have an eCommerce store. Which will help enhance Trombly’s boutique.

  The community is welcomed Monday-Saturday 10 AM-8 PM and Sunday 1 PM-4 PM. 

  “This (the community) is a tribe and has made me a better person,” Trombly said.