Indoor Track runs past obstacles


Photo by Brady Hopkins

Junior Tyler Torbush finished 3rd in the state with a 12’6” pole vault.

Brady Hopkins, Reporter/ Photographer

  During this year, the indoor track and field team had to face hardships. However, these challenges have brought many successes for the season.

  One of the biggest struggles that the team had to face was COVID-19. Covid canceled various events, and made some athletes have to quarantine, causing them to miss practices or even events. 

  “This season was definitely different due to the pandemic, but I think it’s definitely getting back to normal, and our team is getting back to the capacity that it was at,” junior Madison Chandler said. 

  Missing athletes was not the only problem involved with Covid. The team also had to change the ways that they practice and compete due to restrictions.

  “We have to do a lot of different things at practice compared to before Covid. For example, it has taken a lot longer to get practices started,” coach Amy Wilson said.

  Along with the pandemic, snowstorms this winter canceled numerous school days. Due to school cancellations, the snow stopped the team from practicing and training as they normally would.

  “I think the toughest part about this season was the snow days, because we had to get workouts and runs in, without coming to the school,” senior Nicholas Emmert said.  

   Although this season had been tough and the team faced challenges, there were also high points. Junior Tyler Torbush finished 3rd in the state with a 12’6” pole vault, which was also his personal record. 

  “We dropped our times a lot from last season, and all of our relay teams, the 4×8 and the 4×4, set personal records,” senior Maddox Pleasants said. 

  The indoor season recently ended, but for a lot of the team, their work is not finished yet, and they have big expectations for the future.

  “I expect us to grow to our maximum capacity and work hard because we also have outdoor season, so I hope we all grow and do our best,” Chandler said.