Louisa County Airport


Photo by Louisa County Airport.

Ed Jarvis, Airport Manager

The Louisa County Industrial Development Authority of Louisa County owns, oversees and operates the general aviation airport located in the Industrial Air Park on Davis Highway.  The airport is a tool for the IDA and Louisa County Economic Development Office to use in the recruitment of industries that will bring jobs and relieve the tax burden on homeowners.  General aviation is estimated to be a $90.1 billion industry generating over $246.8 billion annually in economic activity in the United States.  General Aviation aircraft fly almost twice as many hours as the commercial/passenger airlines.  While general aviation serves over 5400 communities, scheduled airlines only fly into about 600 large airports throughout our country.  Therefore the impact of the general aviation facilities is more significant than most of the general public is aware.  Airports have become vital links to retain and attract businesses and industries that provide jobs, and are a major factor in relocation decisions for both small and large businesses.  We here at Louisa County Airport are doing our part to help the County and Commonwealth continue to bring jobs to our community and state.  We continue to work with the local school system to develop programs to introduce students to the many opportunities in aviation, including design and mechanics.  With private pilot license training available, residents can learn to fly without traveling to the larger facilities.  Who knows where a career path in aviation may lead you!