Fletcher trains for run to D.C.


Photo by Ashlynn Harding

Kate Fletcher pointing to her mileage run board in her classroom.

Ashlynn Harding, Chief Copy Editor

  Kate Fletcher is frequently seen around the Town of Louisa in preparation for her longest run to the Reflecting Pool in D.C. 

  While training, Fletcher has had one main goal; to push herself. Fletcher’s miles are showcased on her white board, and she has an incentive for her students. If she ends in two zeros in a row, they will receive a free day in class and it motivates her to run more. 

  Even though she runs before and after school, her running doesn’t end there. Ms. Fletcher also takes time out of her weekends to prepare. 

  “I do three weekday runs, but it’s always good to take a day off and for me thats Sunday and Monday,” Fletcher said.

  All while Fletcher is physically pushing herself, she is also mentally preparing as well. 

  “Anytime someone is running there’s always a voice in their head that tells them to stop, or they are tired, or something hurts, but for me I’ve learned that when running for a cause I need to overcome that voice and remind myself of why I am doing this,” Fletcher said.

  Even though Fletcher’s hard work has paid off, it’s after the run that she enjoys the most. 

  “Once I am done running, I am just so tired of eating all that fast food, but don’t get me wrong I absolutely love eating my Chipotle on the go, but I always look forward to a nice home cooked meal,” Fletcher said. 

  Along with eating her Chipotle, Fletcher also relies on Chef Howell and the culinary students to make her famous “Fletcher Bars” along with resource officers to provide them to her along the way. 

  With all of her support through the community, Fletcher is bound to make an impact on the scholars. 

  “I push myself by running on days with non-perfect weather and on different surfaces to prepare myself for the run because we can’t reschedule so I have to be ready for everything,” Fletcher said.