Prom returns after 2 years

Anna Turner, Editor-in-Chief

  Prom can be one of the most memorable nights of a high school student’s life. Unfortunately, for the last two years, Covid took this night away from juniors and seniors. However, prom is back this year and will be held April 2nd at Bowood Barn located at 500 Tisdale Road in Louisa. 

  “It is a stunning, beautiful, open air type venue,” Prom Coordinator Jennifer Estep said. “It is a barn but we can open all the doors and at the beginning of the year when the covid restrictions were tighter that’s what we needed.” 

  Tickets will be sold starting March 28 and will be available in the cafeteria during third lunch and before and after school in room 235. 

  “Tickets are $25 and that has been the price since 2011,” Estep said. “Everything else has gone up in price but not prom tickets.” 

  Prom will be held from 7:30-10:30 and the theme is “To the Moon and Back.” 

“It’s sweet and has a cute name, I think it’s going to be really nice,” junior prom planner Caroline Compton said.

  Many people have the misconception that they have to dress to the theme and Estep disagrees. 

  “Sometimes people feel like they have to dress for the theme or the music will only be geared to the theme and it’s not. The theme is just something we call it. Something that’s pretty to print on the tickets. If people want to dress according to the theme they can but they definitely don’t have to,” Estep said. 

  This year, seniors had the opportunity to submit song requests through a Google form. 

  “One of the biggest complaints I get about prom every year is music,” Estep said. “Kids will go to prom and come back the following Monday and they will tell me the music was terrible. This will give the DJ great connection [to the students].” 

  With so many typical high school experiences lost the last two years, join your friends for an unforgettable night under the moon.