Weekend Outlook

Ashlynn Harding, Chief Copy Editor

  It’s finally that time again where the weekend rolls around after a long week, here are a few activities to look into if you’re interested in hanging around the town or even staying in.

  Yesterday, the movie Halo, based on the video game about an international war between humans and an alien alliance known as the Covenant was released in theaters.

  Tonight, the Louisa Arts Center will be hosting the opening night show of Ron Cambell and Ruth Lefko.

  This evening, Bridgerton season 2 will premiere only on Netflix.

  Debate and Forensics will be at Clover Hill High School tomorrow at 8:30 for a competition.

  Tomorrow at 11, both Track teams go to Fluvanna for a meet.

  This Saturday from 10-2, LCHS will be hosting the 30th Annual Arts Festival with the theme of African American Art.

  This Saturday at 9:00, will be the 2022 Louisa County 4 H Livestock Club Fun Run.