Women’s History Month


Photo by Kage Harlow

College Advisor Ludymila Avagyan and Counseling Intern Kate Serrao stand in front of the Womens History Activity the library put on.

Kage Harlow, Reporter/ Photographer

  Women’s History is an important, annual declared month that is dedicated to the contributions of women throughout history and their sacrifices to our society. Women have fought for decades and even centuries for equal rights, which has led to a tremendous amount of success. Women play a substantial key role in today’s world and without them, the world wouldn’t spin right. 

  Kate Serrao, a counciling intern, and active feminist, believes that Womens History Month is key to expressing just how important women are. 

   “I think Women’s History Month is incredibly important. Just like February’s Black History Month, it allows us to recognize essential leaders from different communities. At Louisa High School, I’ve loved seeing how passionate teachers and students are about celebrating impactful women. The library is doing a great job of incorporating fun into the quote-matching game, and I love seeing all of the cool women up there,” Serrao said. 

  Women’s History Month has been taken to an extent of positivity and celebration of women, especially by the Library and its staff. 

   Passing the Library, you will notice an array of women on the front windows. This is an interactive matching game that Librarian, Laura Watkins, has come up with to provide people with knowledge on what certain women in history have done and their impact on society. The game starts off with a half sheet of paper with numbers on it. Then, participants move from window to window matching these iconic women with famous quotes they have spoken. These quotes have created a foundation to recognize women’s contributions to the world. One lucky contestant will win a prize for matching all the women to their quotes correctly. 

  The LCHS Library has done a tremendous job on advocating these women and spreading knowledge on what they have accomplished in their lives, and it really shows passion for Women’s History Month and the important role women play in society.