Come out to support: Students or Teachers?


Landon Wilson, Reporter/ Photographer

  Librarians Laura Watkins and Rebecca Sharpley, are partnering with the Senior Class Council to host a student-teacher basketball game to raise money for the senior trip. 

 The game will be held in the main gym on Wednesday, April 6 at 6:30pm. Tickets are $5 and  will be sold March 30-April 6 in the cafeteria during lunch.  

  The students’ team consists of 20 players who will be playing against 25 teachers. Teachers from schools around the county, educators from central office, and maybe even superintendent Doug Straley will play. 

  Students have been talking about the faculty basketball game all year. Rodney Taylor being in the senior class council took notice of it. He has been working hard alongside the librarians to make the game happen. 

  “A lot of people have been suggesting the game and I’ve also been hearing it around the school, so I put a game together,” Taylor said. “The game should go smoothly, we’ve got everything planned out and we’re ready to go. It will be fun to watch.”

  Senior Evan Straley is excited and has high hopes for his team because he expects to win easily. Straley will run point guard and is planning to shoot many three pointers.  

  “I’m pretty excited for the game. We’re coming in with a winning mindset and confidence,” Straley said.  

  Football coach and PE teacher Mikey Clements is also feeling confident about the game as he looks to score a majority of the points for the teachers. His game plan is to give the ball to Coach Patrick in the paint where he will have the size advantage. 

  “If I could put my entire house up for bid on this game, I would do it,” Clements said. 

  Come out Wednesday to watch the rivalry between students and teachers.