The Film Starts Rolling


Photo by Goochland Drive-in

Ellen Rosson, Copy Editor

Lights, camera, action. The Goochland Drive-in season opener is coming up this April. 

The Goochland Drive-in is a family friendly drive-in theater that offers movies for all ages and an opportunity for everyone to have an enjoyable time. The season starts April 1 and will continue to project popular, fan favorite movies throughout the spring and summer seasons until the end of October.

The drive-in experience is extra special because it provides the audience with a classic feel since drive-in theaters were all the rage in the 60s. Viewers pack their cars and trucks packed with comfy items like pillows, blankets, and even air mattresses to create the most custom environment. 

“I enjoyed the drive-in experience because it was very comfortable,”  junior Elijah Brooks said.

Trucks are parked in the back and smaller vehicles fill in towards the front of the giant screen to ensure everyone has a good view. However, options are available for those who do not wish to snuggle up in their cars. At the main screen, viewers can bring their own chairs to sit outside their vehicles. At the drive-ins’ secondary screen called “The Grove,” a turf lawn is in front of the screen to bring beanbags, chairs, and blankets to watch movies.

“The show must go on” is definitely the Goochland Drive-in motto, since the movies are aired rain or shine. In 2020, the Drive-in transitioned to online ticket sales, so tickets must be purchased ahead of time. Tickets go on sale the Monday before the show at 7pm and are $25 per carload with carloads being up to seven people. For the opening showing, the features are Morbius and Spiderman No Way Home on Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2. Showtime on Friday is 7:40, and the gates will open at 5:45. On Saturday, the gates open at 5:15, and the movies begin at 7:35. While viewers wait for the sun to sink behind the trees so the show can begin, they can enjoy playing games like volleyball, have fun on the playground, or grab a delicious snack. 

“The Drive-in stands out to me because you can actually get to interact with people while you wait for it to get dark, junior Imani Fredrick saidI also enjoy the cheeseburger and tater tots before the movie starts.”

 What is a good movie without plenty of snacks and of course popcorn? No need  to worry, The Goochland Drive-in has a concession stand packed with delicious options that are all affordable and provide something for everyone. The menu offers four gluten free options including popcorn, the Beyond Burger, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and the Baked Chips. During the warmer months, they offer premium soft serve ice cream to satisfy a sweet tooth. 

This spring and summer, visit the Goochland Drive-in for a relaxing and memorable night.